About this Website

VKHamradio.com was born out of a frustration in finding relevant, Australian based information for Amateur radio, starting at the start.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great Websites out there, many produced by Australians

The issue I find with many of the sites is that they have found or started to find their speciality in Amateur radio and either their website is orientated this way or it has a heavy slant towards that. Again, its not a complaint, as all of us are grateful for whatever is put up to help us along, but as a foundation licence holder you can spend years in the wilderness trying to find your footing.

Yes most of us are capable of reading web sites and books, but it’s the concepts that are hard to grasp, the overview, basically the glue that brings together what we are reading, this is what is missing.

Where the websites that are a more specialised, I have included in the specific articles themselves, and we have not just found a list and stuck them in, these have been selected as that are useful to the Foundation licence holder and possibly for the Foundation licence hold moving to the Standard Licence.

The information on this website, the vast majority, was written down (basically in a journal right at the start) as I moved down the path both before my licence, and after I got my licence. I wanted to make sure, if you are taking the same journey, that many of the questions that you might have, are answered on this website. I don’t have all the answers, and believe me, some mistakes have been made along the way, but as long as you learn from them (and hopefully the cost was not too bad), then this is what the hobby is about.

I hope you find ths website useful. We will continue to put articles online as part of the continuing journey.