Foundation Licence – The start of your journey

Well, the start of your Amateur Radio Journey at least. What’s interesting about Amateur Radio is the range of people, the range of professions, and the many varied paths that lead to people becoming interested in Amateur Radio.

Whilst a reasonable majority of people are from a few main professions, which include

  • Broadcast Radio Engineers
  • Military Radio Engineers
  • Electronics & RF Engineers
  • Civil/Marine Radio operators

there are also many other areas which include

  • Electronics Hobbyists
  • Preppers
  • Farmers / Homesteads Owners
  • CB Radio operators

Whatever background you have come from, you have decided that you want to become involved in Amateur Radio (or Ham Radio as it is also known).

So what is your first step?

Well you can look around, obtain the “Your Entry into Amateur Radio” which is a WIA publication. You can obtain this from your local club or purchase directly online from the WIA from the followinb link

Then when you are ready to take the exam, you will need to contact an examiner to organise to sit the exam. You can find an examiner here

Or you can make your life simple and contact your local Amateur Radio club. In many cases they have supplies of the book available to purchase and send out to you and they normally hold regular exams and classes, and that’s the difference. You will find it easier going to a club organised weekend class and exam, get it all over and done with and meet other hams from the club, in some cases see a demonstration, and even if you read the book, you can ask questions if there some parts you are not confident in.

Once you have completed the exam, hopefully within the month, you will be notified of your result, and hopefully have your licence in your hand.

Whats next?? First of all, take some time to learn what you can do within the bounds of your foundation licence. There is a lot you can do, and it is enjoyable.

When your ready, then you can start studying for the Standard and Advanced Licence.


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