New Ham – What Online Services do I need?

When you first get your callsign, you know that there a number of online services you need. Problem is, which ones do you really need?

You can literally spend days looking through various online services such as, etc. Likewise, you can spend even more time, obtaining documentation and/or files to complete your enrolment on some of these services.

Most of the services are U.S. based, and to confirm your identity, rely on other U.S. based services. So just be aware and be prepared to do a manual confirmation.

So the sites you need to sign up with are the following

  • This will probably be one of your main Callsign look up sites
  • Utilised by logging software for call sign look up
  • Free for up to 100 lookups per day (otherwise $AU50 per year for unlimited). If you do a lot of contesting, you might need a subscription

  • Design your electronic QSL Card
  • Basic Online Call logging service (and eQSL delivery)
  • Sign up for the “Authentication Guaranteed” program as well, but you will need to email some documents to complete this sign up
  • Free if using the basic QSL design (their pictures), otherwise a small cost ($AU18 per year)

  • ARRL’s Log of the World (LOTW)
  • Online Call Logging
  • You will need to send an email with identity documents before you can get a certificate.
  • Notes : Need to downoad Trusted QSL software from LOTW to authenticate logs

  • Another callsign website utilised by logging software
  • Good as an alternative

Now these are just a few, you may find more, but before signing up to any more, have a look at your logging software that you are or are planning to use and look at their integration page. You will normally find what other services you may need to sign up for.

Take your time when signing up to these services, read the documents on the website, and check for special requirements for international hams. Some require you to provide additional documentation (which is not onerous, but not as simple as a quick sign up, but once done, you can relax.


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