Videos/Websites for Foundation Licence Holders

One of the first things you will start to realise as a Foundation Licence holder is that there is a lot of stuff on the Internet for Amateur Radio.

You will also start to realise after a while, is that you need a garbage filter. There is a lot of box opening videos, click-bait, aimless videos, that will teach you very little. It can be frustrating, especially as it can take a few minutes through a video before you realise that you wasted your time. Likewise, sometimes the poor titling of the video means that it either has nothing to do with the subject you are interested in.

This page will grow over time with links to videos that have been reviewed and confirmed as worth while. Think of it as a ham operators play list. Whilst we talk about foundation licence holders, there is no reason it is not suitable for Standard Licence holders as well. With learning, there is no delineating line between Foundation and Standard.

We will categorise them into categories to make it easier to watch the videos that will actually teach you or explain to you the subject you are interested in. You will note that some videos are from the same source, and that my be the case, but generally it’s because the author/presenter actually does a great job with their subject matter.

You will notice that many (not all) are Australian in content if it is available and has good content.

Basic Videos

What is RF? – Some great detailed information on RF

Understanding VSWR and Return Loss – Great video on the basics of VSWR with diagrams

Understanding Amplitude Modulation – Takes it past what you learnt in the foundation licence

Understanding Frequency Modulation – Takes it past what you learnt in the foundation licence

Understanding Single Sideband – Takes it past what you learnt in the foundation licence

Understanding HF Propogation – Just that next level again – great diagrams


Baluns are generally needed to impedance match your different types of Antennas to your transceiver (50 ohms. Whilst there are plenty of videos, I think the static web pages are easier to follow and some of them have superior graphics.

I will point out that whilst building you own baluns is a good skill and a low cost, it takes a large amount of patience, and you may find purchasing prebuilt baluns on Ebay / Aliexpress / Bangood or even local sites.

(Website) – 1:1 Guanella Current Balun – Used with Dipoles and Sloper Antennas (parts from Jaycar)

(Website) – DIY 49:1 Unun Impedance Trasnsformer for EFHW Antenna – Nice guide

(Website) – 9:1 Magnetic Longwire Balun / Unun


Simple and Effective Antennas for Amateur Radio Operators – by John Dawes VK5BJE – Covers the basics

The NanoVNA, a Beginners Guide to the Vector Network Analyzer – Start here for an overview on VNA

NanoVNA for Ham Radio Introduction – An alternative to the video above

Gettin started with NanoVNA-Saver – Using PC software to view your results

NANOVNA tuning antenna with transmatch – good video on Antenna Tuning and NanoVNA

Flower Pot Antenna’s for VHF/UHF – Simple to build and well described VHF/UHF onmidirection antenna.

Understanding NVIS – Video on near vertical incidence skywave propagation – good

VHF/UHF Communications

Understanding CTCSS and DCS – If you have not used repeaters, explains what the tones are used for

Online Repeater Map – Australian Amateur Radio Repeater Maps HF, VHF, UHF and Digital

Repeaters in Australia – WIA page on repeaters – good repeater guidelines for download

CHIRP – Programming software for Programming a large range of HT’s

DMR Communications

Using DMR – Good high level instructions on use of DMR – will save you some angst.

DMR Repeater Dashboard – shows you a live view of communications on DMR talkgroups

DMR Hotspot Dashboard – shows you a live view communications on DMR hotspots

VK4NGA Facebook Page – Glenn is very active on the Australian DMR Scene – up to date info

Australian Retevis RT3S users Facebook page – Ben runs this and keeps up to date info.

Australian Amateur Websites or Blogs

VK3YE – Quirky but very good back to basics Amateur Radio and Antennas

VK1NAM – Great Blog with technical articles on just about everything.


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