Who is the peak Amateur Radio Group in Australia?


The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) (www.wia.org.au) is the National Society of Radio Amateurs in Australia. It was originally established in 1910 and is recognised by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) as the sole Australian Amateur Radio peak body representing Australian Amateur operators both nationally and internationally.

It’s a very succinct statement, that says it all.


However it would be unfair not to recognise that there is another group that claims to represent and promote Amateur Radio in Australia. This group is The Radio Amateur Society of Australia inc. (www.vkradioamateurs.org). This group was setup by some long time Amateurs that felt that something was lacking from WIA.

Also they put out quarterly magazine which contains some technical articles as well as regulations and proposed changes to regulations which is worth a look.

Personally I think that we are better off with one body, and the effort put into that one body, especially when you see the mud slinging over who has done what for the Amateur Radio operators. One thing that will drive operators away is infighting.

Now finally you will of two other groups that have a large involvement in Amateur radio


AMC stands for the Australian Maritime College which is part of the University or Tasmania. They are responsible for the adminstration of exams (Foundation / Standard / Advanced) and the allocation of callsigns.


ACMA is the Australian Communications and Media Authority. ACMA was formed from a merger of Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) and the Australian Communications Authority (ACA). The ACMA is an important part of Amateur radio as they implement the relevant ITU Radio Regulations, allocate spectrum for Amateur Radio, make the regulations that place technical and operational conditions on Amateur Stations and issuing and renewing amateur licences.


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