VK Ham Radio Wall Chart (Updated November 2023)

Please feel welcome to download your FREE Wall Chart.

Perfect for the Foundation Licence holder, but also handy for the Standard and Advanced Amateur as well. It contains all those items that you end up looking up your book or running through your favourite search engine.

This was developed as an A3 Wall Chart to be placed on the wall and able to be read. However printing from your PDF reader, to an A4 Size printer works just as well with great clarity, so if you want an A4 Sheet to go on the table, beside your radio, this works well.

If you spot any major errors please let me know….(and thank you for all the reports on errors in 1.5). I use it myself as a ready reckoner.

Don’t have an A3 Printer. Take the file down to Officeworks and get it professionally printed (I understand you can also do it online, but have not tried it myself)

ReleaseChanges MadeReleased
1.3Minor changes – ClarificationsApril 2022
1.4CosmeticNot Released
1.5Corrected several errors in Band plans / Updated DMR TG/Timeslots due to change in February 2023February 2023
1.6Corrected further errors in Band Plans including missing plans in higher ranges, added Amateur Primary/Secondary use, made table larger, added further 2m and 70cm Band plan entriesAugust 2023
1.7Removed DMR Talk Groups (just referenced URL’s for more information), Added basic Antenna formulas and quick reference on whether to trim or lengthen based on SWR dipNov 2023

2 thoughts on “VK Ham Radio Wall Chart (Updated November 2023)

    1. Anthony, thank you for your comments, sorry for the delay in replying…been a hectic holiday period. I have it on my wall and I quickly refer to it at times (useful as the brain cells start to die off and forget some of the basics).

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